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          best way to accept credit cards for small business-1

          Best Way to Accept Credit Cards for Small Business

          As of 2018, 54% of consumers prefer to pay using a debit card, 26% prefer to use credit cards, and only 14% prefer cash. This shows a 10% increase in ...
          Dec 20th, 2019 Payment Processing

          Guide: Choosing the Best Credit Card Processing for Small Business

          The internet allows small businesses to do big things. You can use the web to compete head-to-head with larger entities (and win). And now, you can ...
          Dec 15th, 2019 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards
          X Ways to reduce online payment processing fees-3

          6 Ways to Reduce Online Payment Processing Fees

          Owning a business is great, but dealing with all the fees to run one...not so much. This is why you have to become a savvy entrepreneur who finds ...
          Dec 12th, 2019 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards
          X Mistakes to avoid when choosing a merchant processing service-1

          6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Merchant Processing Service

          Being a local business owner doesn't mean you can forego using online payment methods. We find that roughly 59% of people are using mobile web ...
          Dec 09th, 2019 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards

          4 Questions to Ask About Credit Card Processing Services for Small Business

          When looking for credit card processing services, small business owners have plenty of questions. Today, 95% of Americans have at least one credit or ...
          Dec 02th, 2019 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards
          How mobile businesses can take credit card payments anywhere-2

          How Mobile Businesses Can Take Credit Card Payments Anywhere

          Consumers are looking to pay businesses in the most convenient way possible. This is why you'll find cash is virtually non-existent in today's ...
          Dec 01th, 2019 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards
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