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          How Customer Personas Strengthen Fitness Marketing-3

          How Customer Personas Strengthen Fitness Marketing

          At the start of every year, millions people vow to get in shape. At one time, that might have meant starting a diet or taking up jogging. 
          Dec 23th, 2019 Marketing Tips, Gyms
          How to choose customer database software for your small business-3

          How to Choose Customer Database Software for Your Small Business

          There's only one thing more important than generating revenue.
          Dec 22th, 2019 CRM, CRM Systems
          Why Your Business Needs a Lead Tracking System-3

          Why Your Business Needs a Lead Tracking System

          Does your business invest in lead tracking? If not, it's time to modernize your sales process. 
          Dec 21th, 2019 CRM, CRM Systems
          best way to accept credit cards for small business-1

          Best Way to Accept Credit Cards for Small Business

          As of 2018, 54% of consumers prefer to pay using a debit card, 26% prefer to use credit cards, and only 14% prefer cash. This shows a 10% increase in ...
          Dec 20th, 2019 Payment Processing
          Top X Local business directories for 2020-2

          Top 6 Local Business Directories in 2020

          How important is it to be in local business directories?
          Dec 19th, 2019 Placement, Marketing Tips, Google My Business
          5 Dental Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice-3

          5 Dental Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice

          Dental offices are a hub of activity. Each patient brings unique needs, questions and challenges. From routine cleanings to complex procedures, ...
          Dec 18th, 2019 Local SEO, Online Presence, Digital Presence, Web Presence, Marketing Tips
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